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擴展系統控制設施單元(eXtended System Control Facility Unit (簡寫XSCFU)是一個服務處理器,用於操作和管理兩個中端服務器。

Power/reboot/reset/panic commands

Poweron all domains

XSCF> poweron -a

Poweron only domain 0

XSCF> poweron -d 0

Poweroff all domains

XSCF> poweroff -a

Poweroff domain 0

XSCF> poweroff -d 0

Reboot XSCF

XSCF> rebootxscf

The 3 modes to reset a domain are :

por: To reset the domain
panic: To panic the domain
xir: To reset the CPU in domain
XSCF> reset -d 0 por
XSCF> reset -d 0 panic
XSCF> reset -d 0 xir

User Administration

Creating a New user

XSCF> adduser -u 345 admin

Delete a user

XSCF> deleteuser admin

Disable a user

XSCF> disableuser admin

Enable a user

XSCF> enableuser admin

Display user account information

XSCF> showuser -a

Set or change a User (admin) password

XSCF> password admin

Network related commands


Display complete network configuration

XSCF> shownetwork  -a

Set IP address for XSCF-LAN#0 in the XSCFU#0

XSCF> setnetwork xscf#0-lan#0 -m


XSCF> applynetwork
XSCF> rebootxscf

Setup 2 NTP servers with IP and

XSCF> setntp
Please reset the XSCF by rebootxscf to reflect the ntp settings.

To delete a NTP server

XSCF> setntp -c del
  Please reset the XSCF by rebootxscf to reflect the ntp settings.

Hardware Related Commands


Show field replaceable units(FRU)

XSCF> showhardconf

Display degraded units

XSCF> showstatus

To display configured devices on XSBs

XSCF> showdevices

Fault Management configuration tool    (故障管理配置工具)

To view fault management logs


XSCF> fmdump -v
TIME                    UUID                                    MSG-ID
Nov 30 20:44:55.1283    9f773e33-e46f-466c-be86-fd3fcc449935   FMD-8000-0W
   100%  defect.sunos.fmd.nosub

Display Very Verbose Event Detail for a UUID

XSCF> fmdump -e -V -u 5f88d7d5-a107-4435-99c9-7c59479d22ed TIME CLASS


show the logs

XSCF> showlogs -v
XSCF> showlogs error
XSCF> showlogs power


我們可以在遠程服務器或本地連接的USB設備上拍攝M系列服務器XSCF的快照。 使用root用戶憑據在遠程系統192.168.1.10(在/ var / tmp目錄中)上拍攝快照

XSCF> snapshot -L F -t root@

To take the snapshot on a Local USB device connected to the server :

XSCF> snapshot -L F -d usb0

Connect DVD Device to a domain

Run the following from the XSCF to connect the DAT & DVD to the needed port based on the domain(s) configuration.

XSCF> cfgdevice -q -y -c attach -p 0-0

Confirm that the device is attached to domain and is enabled :

XSCF> cfgdevice -l

From the OS prompt configure the newly added DVD device and restart the volmgmt service:

# cfgadm -c configure # c0
# /etc/init.d/volmgt start


Display current hostanems of XSCF units

XSCF> showhostname -a
xscf#0: hostname01.example.com 
xscf#1: hostname02.example.com

To set hostname and DNS domain name for XSCF doamin respectively

XSCF> sethostname xscf#0 hostname01
XSCF> sethostname -d example.com


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